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"State Secrets: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore," Outside Magazine, 2010

"Winter Retreats," Outside Magazine, 2009

"A Brief History of Briefs," Outside Magazine, 2009

"The New Rules of Survival," Outside Magazine, 2009

"Energy Food Guru: Adam Spector," Outside Magazine, 2009

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"Bostonista Loves: Boston Handmade Marketplace,", 2008.

"Free Wireless in Harvard Square,", 2008. 

"Court and Bark," Boston Magazine, 2008. A list of the best dog parks in Boston to find romance.

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Travel Essays

“Those are the bathrooms. We do sawdust composting for the toilets, so try to pee in the woods if you can and do only #2’s in there.” She pulled open one of the doors and showed me where the sawdust was and then motioned to a black and white speckled notebook. “This is for if you feel like sharing your thoughts while in the bathroom. You know, if you want.”

From "Post-Savannah: The Hostel in the Forest," 2011. 


This is not a sandwich for self-conscious eaters, and the whole time I couldn't help but wonder what the guys to the right thought of me, my face shining with grease and sandwich fillings plopping onto my basket every few bites. Most likely: sexy.

From "Charleston Interlude: Dinner at the Tattooed Moose," 2011


He tells me that the chapel holds around 100 weddings each year. The majority of those weddings, however, are second or third marriages for the happy couple.

“A marriage that starts in Hell can only go up,” Colone says. His round, weathered face splits into a wide grin that reaches his eyes behind their wire-rimmed glasses.

From "Hell's Bells,"  2009.


Never let it be said that we here in the Blizzard Belt lack a sense of humor.

From "The Golden Snowball Award," 2009. Prompt: Write a piece à la Boston Magazine's 'One Last Thing' column.



Did you know that I once spent four months road-tripping around the United States? Good thing I blogged all about it.